My Deep, Dark, Dense Motivations

When I was 9,  I decided briefly to be a writer, a goal reiterated at 14. After significant detours (NGOs, investment consulting, entrepreneurship) I wound up as an independent copywriter and editor, short-order cook and bedtime story teller to my 2 small children. Somewhere in the morass of it all, it finally dawned on me: without trying, that novel I’ve been telling everyone I’d write since I was about 14 would never come to pass. So for good or for bad, I committed to writing and COMPLETING a version I’d feel satisfied with. So that hell, on my deathbed I can say with satisfaction I did ONE thing in my life that I said I would. Properly. And besides, I can bet all my friends will thank their stars that I’ve stopped whinging on about the UNFINISHED GOAL. Lastly, I’ve always loved reading other writers stories and entries about their journey-in-progress–it’s been a huge source of support. And thus, though for the life of me I’m not quite sure who else out there is interested in the ride, it’s definitely my turn to share. So, here goes…


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