Ditching the Day Job

I’m not one to advocate actually ditching your day job until you’re getting substantial cash from your writing / trust fund / significant other etc, but I can’t say I don’t fantasize about it. There are days when the desire to write overwhelms me and it’s all I can do to stay on the straight and narrow…on good days. On bad days, I just fall into temptation and write away whenever I can.

Anyhow, the balance of one’s day job and creative passion has always been a sore spot for me. WIth that in mind, as a former cubical slave, I found the following of particular interest: a man who ditched his respectable job (and ok, had a breakdown into the bargain) for his passion of classical music. And – better yet – he succeeded!

Bit of an oddball, but inspiring for all that. Plus, how can you not love the titles of this albums: “Bullets and Lullabies”, “Razor Blades, Little Pills and Big Pianos”. Carry on.



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