Back on the Bandwagon

Back on the bandwagon.

After being ill pretty much all through October (got wiped out with bronchitis and then a fresh cold when just about recovering) – can I say I got a perspective on feelings of age and mortality? – and feeling so un-energized and uninterested that I actually had no passion for writing (or anything, really) – I discovered that I don’t have it in me to throw in the towel after all.

But, as I began scribbling again, and this time without any pressure to perform given my recent illness, I found that the Muse had returned. Here’s my thought for the day:

The Creative force is not to be commanded. It is to be tapped, channeled. But it’s not yours to Command. That has been my great mistake all along – thinking I can make it march to an ordered pace. Now that I’ve reverting to daydreaming and treating it with more respect as the Mystery and delight that it is, things are starting to come around although, by nature, it’s a capricious and uncertain journey. : )

And lo! I put together various chapters and I’ve hit nearly 70,000 words and the outline of the first book is coming together. At last!!!!