Everyone’s got stories to tell: after many, after thousands of pages of half-finished stories and thousands of hours wondering why I wasn’t happy at any of the jobs I tried (World Bank type stuff, investment consulting, NGO work, catering, and more…yeah, you’d think something would stick!), in mid 2013 at 35 I finally decided to make the push and get a novel to a finished state I am actually happy. Stats so far: 4 semi-written books that I’m determined to write/rewrite/edit/polish etc.

I continue to make my living as a pretty successful copywriter and a sometime startup entrepreneur – by which I mean I can pay bills and mortgage and keep the roof over our heads, even as I occasionally wince at the outflows (2 kids, hey, it adds up!); but after decades of trying to fit into the mainstream and discover a passion for consulting / investments / corporate work etc, I just have to be honest that writing fiction still is my primary passion.

What do I write? Mainly YA fantasy-ish work, but of the more classical ilk, not bodice rippers or eternally love stories (so far). My major inspirations are mainly classics or classics-inspired like Gaiman’s work,  The Dark is Rising, A Wrinkle in Time, Le Guin (ok, that’s more MG), Dune (SF), LeGuin. So if you like that sort of thing, read on!


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