A Summary of Book Publishing and Book Cover Design Sites

Fantastic post! Includes royalty rates and capabilities.

Here’s a sample (verbatim from the post):


Payhip will help you do most of the hard work: host your eBooks and securely deliver the eBooks to your customers. It will also handle payments through PayPal for you; all you have to do is upload your eBook to start selling. Once your eBook is on the site, you can promote your book anywhere (FaceBook, Twitter) with a link for your eBook page.

Sign Up [Free] | Royalty per Sale [100%]

To view the whole post, visit:


This is one resource I’ll be referring to again.


Book Cover Designers

Here’s a short summary of some more book cover designer sites that I’ve found:

1. Another designer of book covers, not the best in my opinion but cheaper than many:


Bookwebs offer three levels of ebook cover design.

– Bronze £50
– Silver £70
– Gold from £200

They also offer custom websites but I don’t think it’s good value — ” Three page starter ‘ebook’ websites from 199 pounds”, with limited space for uploads of stories. Better to go Word Press where you can get a nice website template.

2. BookBaby.

They are basically an e-publisher but have cover design options too, with a nice portfolio!

Basic package at $149

Deluxe package $279


Muuuch nicer visuals!


3. BookTango

Another e-book publisher offering cover design, this for $159. Seem less focused on this than BookBaby but the samples covers shown are strong.

Audio Books

One great way to reach more people is audio books. But how to make them? Not everyone is blessed with a good reading voice and the ability to dramatically inflect the events of your story – there is a reason why there are professional voice coaches. Bearing that in mind, here’s an informative post from Indie Recon outlining a quick and easy way manage the process including bringing in narrators:


Website Designers for Novelists

Tackling Chapter 17 of my novel–or not. Procrastination topic of the day: websites.

Here’s the guy who did the Graveyard Boy (Gaiman)’s and NK Jemisin’s (Hundred Thousand Kindoms), PLUS the Nebula Awards site:


As if that wasn’t enough, in a touch of irony as a digital designer, he also runs a blog devoted to rare and fine print editions of books: thebookblog.com.

He’s probably way too expensive for me to even think about, but it’s nice to dream; in the meantime, there’s Word Press for my once and future website.