Promotion Dos and Don’t PRIOR to Book Launch

According to the ever awesome Lindsay Buroker, I’ve been doing it all wrong. Forget blogging to attract an audience (although I do that anyway out of the need to whinge, keep notes on important stuff, and save my husband’s ears) – etc. What works? According to her, samples of your work. So post them. On your website, if possible.

As a very worried newbie who’s freaked my book will sink like a stone forevermore in the murky waters of the e-publishing ocean (yeah, like I’m even close to finishing?), this moved me. Read the full post here!


Self-publishing: slow but steady success by the numbers

After putting in some 3,000 words today — a good day for me, and one which has seen my creative brain about wrung out — I can’t help but fast forward to dreaming about success. My pragmatic side says, hey! simply to finish a book of a quality you’re satisfied with should be the goal. My hopeful side says, and then there was Fifty Shades of Grey, et al.

So I’ve been combing statistics, and here are some neat links for authors like Lindsay Buroker who are kind enough to actually break down their sales. Unlike people like Konrath, her sales haven’t been up the roof (she sells on average 2500-3000 copies total each month, from a variety of books) but enough that she quit her day job about a year ago. Lindsay clearly works hard and puts together clean, well-edited prose, plus I love her lovely and highly professional looking covers, which she kindly posted are done by – go Lindsay, and we wish you much success! Thanks for sharing with us.